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In the early 1900'S, a young man named Edmund Valcourt became the General Manager of Coro Jewelry in Providence, Rhode Island. This was the beginning of the Valcourt family involvement in the fashion jewelry industry.   Following his father's footsteps, Edmund's son George worked as a designer for many years.  In 1952  George established his own company , Valco Jewelry.

Using the knowledge he had learned over the years, George focused on the  design and manufacture of woman's brooches, necklace and earring sets. After many successful years in the industry George's life was cut short in 1963.  His oldest son Robert succeeded him as President of Valco Jewelry.

In 1974 George's youngest son Donald  formed his own company, D & B Manufacturing, partnering with his older brother Robert. The combination of the brothers talents made the company a leader in  fashion jewelry manufacturing.  Robert later decided to leave the company and pursue other interests. Donald kept the company running successfully through the early 1980'S. In 1984 Donald decided to start a new endeavor, Jacqui Accessories, Inc.

This would be a company which would look into other markets and sources for fashion jewelry. Donald started traveling into the Asian and European markets to seek new designs and materials to bring to our customers, thus the beginning of the import company. In 1991 Donald welcomed the fourth generation, his son Christopher into the family business. In August 2008 Christopher succeeded his father as President of the company. Though the business has changed and met many challenges over the past many years, it continues to progress.

We strive to find and supply the best quality merchandise at the best prices to our customers; at the same time maintaining the honesty, integrity, and ideals that have been passed down through the Valcourt family over the last  century.